Walwyn Wellness, formerly Stapleton Lane Clinic, has been providing healthcare to residents of Antigua and Barbuda for over forty years. This group of highly trained physicians collectively share over eighty years of experience in many areas of the medical field. Specialties include Family Medicine and Wellness, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Optometry. In this family owned practice, compassionate attentive physicians take the time to listen so patients play a central role in their care and have a positive experience in achieving their goal of wellness.



Listening and appreciating a person's environment and circumstances are key components to compassion. We serve with compassion and would like everyone to achieve wellness.


Our team keeps the person or family as the most important team member so that we may make the best decisions and provide the best and most appropriate care.


Specialists and Generalists work closely as physicians alongside nurses, an optometrist, a dietician, wellness coaches and administrators to provide the best care and support on your journey to wellness.